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Love this product! Gentle on tooth pain

Botanical Mouthwash
Shoshana C.
Crisp and fresh

Its wonderful. My mouth feels fresh and clean when o use if.

No more mouth ulcers

Hi I have suffered from mouth ulcers my whole life. I realised that SLS found in toothpaste sold in supermarkets causes my mouth ulcers. I have been using this toothpaste for over 1 year now and I have not had 1 mouth ulcer in this time. Not only is this toothpaste so much better for my overall health, it tastes great and I love the new look too.

Refreshing & clean

Lovely mouthwash, highly recommend to anyone for everyday.

I live the product, it taste good look good! However it is too expensive for an everyday product. I paid $47 for a mouthwash and toothpaste. These can be bought for $7 in a grocery shop. The toothpaste has also arrived 1/3 empty (air). Sadly this is a one-time shop for me :( unless they decide to sell it in Australia too.

My dentist said my teeth and gums are in excellent condition

I have been using this toothpaste for the past 5 years and my dentist said my teeth and gums are super healthy and in excellent condition.

The best mouthwash! Love how it now comes in a travel size.

This is the only natural mouthwash I have loved using. It is super minty and leaves my mouth feeling refreshed for a while after use. I love how it now comes in a smaller size, that I can keep in my car, handbag, or take on the plane for work trips. Thank you for creating such beautiful, effective oral care products! Everything is perfect.

The most perfect Travel Kit. All oral care products are SO high-end and effective.

My teeth have never been healthier since using LOVEBYT. I have just been overseas and the travel kit was absolutely perfect to take on the plane with me, and use whilst overseas. Cannot live without these products - Love the natural toothpaste and how the mouthwash is alcohol-free! Keeps my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

without a doubt the best mouthwash on the market

This alcohol free mouthwash packs a powerful minty punch. It leaves my breath fresh for hours. Everyone should know that alcohol in mouthwash dries out your mouth and this affects your PH levels which in turn creates more bacteria. Take my advice and try this today. You will not regret it. Thanks LOVEBYT for making this sensational product.

Great Floss

I love this floss, my teeth are quite close together so sometimes it's hard to use, and I note this is mentioned in the description, however it clears the plaque from between my teeth so much better than original flosses. My teeth feel really clean using this. It is worth noting, not for people with very tight teeth.

Best toothpaste!!

Absolutely loving my botanical toothpaste and love how well it cleans my teeth. I am definitely purchasing again :)


Beautiful mouthwash, fresh, pleasant flavour and leaves your mouth feeling all tingly and clean. Did I mention I love it!


I have used several organic toothpastes in the past and I can honestly say the LOVE BYT is by far my favourite.
I absolutely loved the BOTANICAL PEPPERMINT toothpaste it made my teeth sparkle my gums and breath feel fresh.
Can’t wait to also try my BOTANICAL CINNAMON AND CLOVE toothpaste.
Thank you LOVE BYT

Doesn’t get any better

I exited buying supermarket toothpastes for 2 reasons. 1• nasty chemicals 2• wanted to support small business.
I started to use GEM products until the founder sold her products at Woolworths. It was then that l found Lovebyt and what a blessing it has been. Tash, founder of Lovebyt has been a true ambassador for a wonderful product that isn’t leeched with chemicals that interfere with our endocrine system.
Lovebyt mouthwash is THE BEST mouthwash on the market. You only need to use around 10ml which is much less than other brands. I love the fact that the packaging is glass and not plastic, another great health win!
Please give this mouthwash a try. I guarantee you that you will never go back to other brands.
I would also like to add that Tash was so kind enough to donate some products to the World Of Wellness Organisation fund raiser founded by Professor Ian Brighthope.
Thank you so much Tash for your creation and for blessing us with such incredible products. 💜

What isn’t there to love about a great product


I see the change in packaging which I fully understand. The old one was smick but costly
The new one is sleek and does the job
Well done
Margin is crucial for you I’m sure
The paste seems to have remained the same
Love northern beaches products !! !!


Love it!

I buy the cinnamon and clove toothpaste and it leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and clean. The first time I used it I was shocked! I can never go back to shop toothpaste now!!

It’s soooo good! My mouth is loving the mouthwash, feeling so fresh without the burn of the chemical laden brands. I’m a convert!

The best

The best toothpaste, easy order & speedy delivery. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

The Best Mouthwash EVER.

I can’t even express how obsessed I am with this mouthwash. I literally feel so unclean unless I am using this everyday. I have tried so many natural toothpastes and mouthwashes and only LOVEBYT has ever been able to provide me with what I need. Better yet, LOVEBYT EXCEEDS my oral needs. Everyone needs to include this mouthwash in their daily routine. Bonus - you’ll always be treated so well by LOVEBYT as a customer. They go above and beyond to make you happy. That alone has already secured my loyalty to this business. Love, love, LOVE!!

Perfect product with awesome service!

Very good customer service with quick shipping and attention to detail, definitely buy again!

Thank you so much Phat Tran from 5-star review. We are so happy that you had a great experience with us and that you love the products.

Listen people - never ever use another toothpaste ever again! A natural toothpaste that exceeds results of all the other mainstream non natural product offerings. The most beautiful packaging - yes, you actually want it to sit in on your bathroom bench! Australian pioneered and owned. You won’t look back!

Love it!

All the toothpaste I purchase from Lovebyt is awesome including the Peppermint, leaving my mouth feeling fresh and clean without the use of chemicals. I have been using Lovebyt for the past three years and I suffer from perdiodontitis; my hygienist is extremely impressed with my oral hygiene! Just goes to show that you don’t always need chemicals to beat medical issues (this may not apply to all users as everyone is different). I am extremely happy - thank you Lovebyt.


I just love this toothpaste and my teeth feel cleaner