Consistency is key when it comes to oral health, so we’ve made it easier for you to receive your products regularly so you never run out. When subscribing, you’ll receive 15% off, inclusive of all reoccurring orders.

Subscriptions are reoccurring orders, billed and shipped automatically at the chosen frequency, until cancelled or skipped. You are welcome to update, modify or cancel your subscription order at anytime via your Account Dashboard.


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When browsing our website, you’ll be able to select ‘Subscribe & Save 15%’ option within the product page. Multiple items may be added to your subscription. Your subscription orders can be managed at any time.


Choose how often you wish to receive your oral care selects; every 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 months. 

You may also continue to browse the website for any further products you may wish to add to your subscription, or, any additional products as a one-off purchase. Simply select from the option “Just Once” or “Subscribe & Save 15%”.


Complete your order by following the steps to the checkout, and enjoy your saving of 15%.

Depending on your chosen delivery frequency, we’ll send you a reminder with your upcoming order showing the items, price and expected delivery date. You will automatically be billed to your authorised payment method.


What is a subscription order?
Subscriptions are recurring orders, billed and shipped automatically at the chosen frequency, until cancelled or skipped. Subscription orders ensure you will never run out of your oral care essentials. 

How can I cancel my subscription?
You are welcome to cancel a subscription at any time by logging into your Customer Account. Simply visit your Account Dashboard and select Manage Subscriptions. You will find the option to cancel your subscription order under the ‘Cancel subscription’ menu option.

How can I pause my subscription?
You will find the option to pause your next subscription order/s in your Customer Account under Manage Subscriptions. Select the ‘Manage upcoming orders’ menu option and choose the upcoming order/s you would like skip by selecting ‘Skip shipment’ on the right-hand side. 

To pause your subscription and all recurring orders, select the option ‘Pause future orders’. To resume your subscription at a later date, simply visit the Manage Subscriptions page and select ‘Resume future orders’.  

Can I add or change the products on my subscription order, or change my subscription?
You may change your subscription order by visiting the Manage subscriptions page within your Customer Account. Simply to select the menu item ‘Products in my subscription’ to make changes to your recurring orders. 

To add to your subscription: Select the ‘Add products’ button to browse our range, choosing any products you may wish to add to your next order.
Note - You may choose the product/s to be added to all ongoing subscription orders, or, to your next order only.

To swap or remove an item: Select the ‘Swap Product’ option and simply choose an alternative product you wish to receive in your next order/s. 

Can I add a one-time purchase to my order?
Customers can purchase both one-off products and recurring subscription products in the same transaction. Only products that have been subscribed to will be billed and shipped on an ongoing basis (at your chosen frequency).

To add a one-off purchase to your next order, visit the Manage Subscriptions page within your Customer Account. Select the menu item ‘Products in my subscription’ and click ‘add product’. Here you may choose your desired product to be delivered with your next subscription order by selecting the ‘Add to next order only’ option. 

What if my payment method is unsuccessful, or, if my card details have changed?
If an order fails to capture payment, or the credit card is declined, an email will be sent out notifying you. Your card details may be updated within your Customer Account under ‘Payment Information’. 

Can I update my address?
You are welcome to update your shipping address by visiting the Manage Subscriptions page within your Customer Account. Select ‘edit’ within the ‘Address and shipping information’ menu dropdown.

Why can't I use a discount or promotion code with my subscription order?
Only free shipping discounts apply to orders over the value of $70. Other discounts are not able to be redeemed in conjunction with subscription orders.

Can I use AfterPay to pay for a subscription order?
Our subscription checkout supports AfterPay and all major credit cards.