A market dominated by monopoly companies serving products that include an expansive list of toxic chemicals and ingredients, yet, advertised to be positive to ones health. Tash Scutts was driven to develop a fresh, transformative perspective on the accustomed outlook and approach towards oral care. LOVEBYT was formed to redefine traditional standards via efficacy and consciousness.

Such products offered by these multinational corporations are well-marketed, easily accessible and cheap to purchase, fuelling exponential growth in their sales from big-brand supermarkets, chemists and consequently, consumers. These products are extremely damaging to our health, hormones & oral microbiome, being full of chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, additives, synthetic flavours and fragrances (many found in other household products such as rat poison). It is universally known that these additives are unsafe for general consumption - yet many do not question their inclusion in the ingredients listed on our daily consumed oral care products.

Oral care is a universal necessity, that should be championed by companies who’s intentions are clear and transparent. Our rigorous formulating standards and all-natural ingredients set us apart. With efficacy and one's health at the forefront, LOVEBYT is a simplified ritual of results-driven oral care, guided by embracing the healing intelligence of botanicals.

Thoroughly researched, meticulously formulated, and consciously packaged, to provide nourishing oral care without compromise.


A fresh, transformative perspective on oral care.
Redefining traditional standards via efficacy and consciousness.


Uncompromising and clinically proven formulas, scientifically developed to provide transformative and measurable results. Selective natural ingredients of the highest-quality are sourced to ensure product efficacy.


Formulated with individuals' health and the planet in mind, our curated oral care range is completely recyclable and made in Australia. Our oral care products contain sustainably-sourced botanicals, renowned for the their intensive healing qualities and benefits for oral health and general wellbeing.


Sophisticated, refined, and superior formulas to transcend industry standards - delivering an elevated oral care ritual.