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There are a few requirements when searching for a safe toothpaste! 
Look out for a certified formula, is it chemical-free and vegan certified! 

The Formula
A certified formula is essential - this ensures you are actually removing plaque, disinfecting & cleansing your oral microbiome. A formula that includes an abrasive, a natural surfactant and essential oils is key. These ingredients polish, foam, disinfect and repair any oral sores. 

A safe toothpaste needs to be natural and chemical-free. Studies have shown the ingestion of chemicals cause serious acute and chronic health implications. Avoid toothpastes/oral care products that include any of the following:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Diethanolamine (DEA)
Titanium Dioxide
Artificial Colours & Flavours

Vegan Certified
Check to see if the toothpaste is vegan certified! This certification guarantees that the range does not contain animal products/ingredients in the testing, manufacturing or the product itself!  

So, looking for the perfect safe and effective toothpaste? Look no further than LOVEBYT. 

LOVEBYT has been formulated with you and the planet in mind. LOVEBYT is chemical-free, completely natural, dentist approved and vegan certified. Shop now at

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