What Makes a Toothpaste a 'Toothpaste'?

A toothpaste requires an abrasive, a remineralising agent and a disinfectant in order to remove plaque and cleanse the oral microbiome.

The abrasive is required to dislodge microorganisms and food, it also polishes the surface of the tooth and remove stains. The disinfectant fights germs and bacteria. And the remineralising agent is responsible for the strengthening of the teeth! 

Commercial toothpaste formulas follow the same principles, however, they have traditionally been laden with harsh chemicals and fillers. It is important to be aware of what chemicals to avoid. Follow the link to read about the nasty nine. 

Here at LOVEBYT our formulas are 100% natural, vegan and fluoride free! 

Our certified oral chemist has replaced these harsh traditional ingredients with natural earth-derived abrasives such as activated charcoal and calcium hydrogen phosphate and remineralising agents like xylitol, then blended them with complementary botanical oils like clove, tea tree and eucalyptus to disinfect and nourish the oral microbiome. 

Make the switch today and elevate your oral routine with LOVEBYT. 




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