Interview with Madeleine Chard founder of The Authentik

What does your morning routine look like?

My morning routine (if you can even call it that) looks like me being awoken by either one of my children or dogs, followed by an always failed attempt to ignore all responsibilities and go back to sleep, reaching for my phone to check what ungodly hour it is while the kids demand breakfast. After breaky the girls usually then refuse to get dressed in anything other than something completely impractical/ non weather appropriate (a meltdown is usually involved), I quickly throw on whatever I can find before the last-minute scramble to the car for the school run. If I’m lucky my husband Jake will do the morning rush and drop kids to school/ kindy depending on his work schedule, those days are sacred. I work from home so I usually like to jump in the shower and listen to a podcast to wash away the morning chaos, tidy a few things around the house (I struggle to work when surrounded by clutter), before sitting at my desk and starting my work day. 

 On weekends it’s a little different, I may be lucky enough to score a sleep in, we usually go for a drive to grab coffee (or a juice for me as I don’t drink coffee), check the surf and back home for a breaky cook up.


What is your approach to self-care? 

Juggling kids and a business means there isn’t a lot of “me time” which is something I am trying to work on prioritising more. My approach to self-care is more about being kinder to myself and embracing the chaos of life in this messy stage verse more physical practices like face masks etc (although I do love a good bath!) It's about listening to my body and noticing when I am pushing too hard, becoming overwhelmed or stretched in too many directions, and then making an effort to slow down, even just for a few hours. Whether that’s just laying on the couch watching movies, pottering around the house, op shopping or spending time with a friend - I try and do things that bring me joy and will help me rest and reset, and I try do them without the guilt (easier said than done!) It’s also about learning to say no to things that don’t serve me or that I know will drain my battery too much (I am actually quite an introvert and find socialising really takes it out of me.) 


What is your healthiest habit?

Probably the fact that I’m not drinking alcohol - yes partly because I’m pregnant haha -  but my perception of alcohol has definitely changed over the last year or so which has stemmed from an increasing curiosity and desire to learn more about health and wellness as I am getting older. Jake has also stopped drinking and we are both feeling so much better for it!


What’s your biggest indulgence?

My biggest indulgence (or shall I say addiction) is op shopping and dare I say Facebook Marketplace. Basically, anything to do with art and design, so collecting objects and nice things for my home, re arranging furniture, these types of things are very therapeutic for me. I also love food so anything to do with eating delicious things, I’m in! And don’t even get me started on chocolate. 


How do you wind down before bed? 

After a big day, if it’s on the cards, I love having a bath followed by a cosy fire, maybe a trashy reality show or two on the couch with Jake (he will deny it but I know he loves it!) and of course a little sweet treat before brushing my teeth and excitedly hopping into bed with unrealistic hopes that I might get a full night sleep (only to be awoken by my 3 year old the minute I doze off.)


What’s your go-to LOVEBYT flavour?

Peppermint! Classic and fresh, and it’s not too spicy so even the girls love it which is huge for them!


Do you have an oral beauty hack?

Not sure if this counts but I always have to carry lip balm for my constantly chapped lips, especially in Winter.


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